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Dear reader,

This brand new Library online magazine is one of the many ways in which we aim to share what the Library has on offer and to inspire you. We find it important that knowledge flows freely, therefore you will find that we do not use our own voice, but let your colleagues, and (PhD) students speak via this magazine. So take a moment for their stories and immerse yourself in the world of the physical and digital Library. The library of today and tomorrow still carries a lot of good stuff from the old days, shown in our recently opened Academic heritage depot of objects. Beyond these treasures of the tangible library, our current services entail seamless online access to the scientific world of knowledge. This magazine shows some of the ways we meet the researcher’s or student’ needs in this extensive field of information.

Be informed, be inspired and be in touch.

We always like to hear from you, but as this is the first issue we especially appreciate receiving your opinion. More specifically, we want you to help us find a catchy name for this quarterly magazine. And don’t miss the next issue, subscribe now.




Hope to meet you soon!

Wilma van Wezenbeek
TU Delft Librarian

TU Delft – Library