Biomimicry: Being Bioinspired

What can we learn from nature? And how can we tackle problems our conventional methods cannot solve? A recent exhibition at the Library showed some examples with contributions from faculties of TU Delft of innovations based on biomimicry; developing products, processes and services all based on good – sustainable – strategies in nature. Nature has produced an unimaginable amount and versatility of solutions that can serve as an example for the technology. This makes it an immense potential for future-oriented innovative techniques.

Immense potential for future-oriented innovative techniques

Today many pioneering artists and designers are moving away from conventional materials, methods and workspaces to explore new territories in biology, engineering and science. It is without doubt that we inhabit an age where boundaries between creativity and science have irrevocably blurred. These innovations enable the convergence of physical matter and information to create systems with the potential to become more than the sum of their parts. Today it is possible to create structures that can alter their physical properties, retain information, sense, and respond. In other words, begin to resemble living systems.

In this video the creators of the exhibition explain how it all came about and how fruitful the cooperation was.  (The video is in Dutch, subtitles in various languages can be turned on)


More information:

Prof. dr. Stephen Picken  – TU Delft Applied Sciences (Advanced Soft Matters) –

Drs. Bob Ursem – Director Botanical Garden TU Delft –

Curator exhibition: ir. Marion Vredeling – TU Delft Library –

Photography/Stills – Jan van der Heul – TU Delft Library –

Interview: ir. Marion Vredeling – TU Delft Library –

Exhibition-image: ir Marion Vredeling (design) & Carolin Kastner (production) –

Film-Camera & Montage – Geraldo Solisa – New Media Centre TU Delft –

Filmproduction – Michel Beerens – New Media Centre TU Delft –

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